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We are currently looking for a few selected LUXURY SALONS and INDEPENDENT SALES AGENTS to carry/sale our product at a wholesale/commission rate.  We have put together a wonderful advertising package to bring notoriety and sales for this product. If you decide to become a retailer you would receive free advertising on our online boutique as a carrier of our product which may boost your overall sales margin with little to no advertising.  Further, there is no obligation to continue if you are not 100% satisfied.  We’re developing an entire line of organic products to promote the youthful appearance of women from head to toe. 

     Our prices are well below the big name brands. Further, we have found many of the big name brands are not 100% pure or organic.  They have ingredients that may be harmful to ones’ health.  Our brands’ niche is to promote the healthy welfare of women while maintaining the youthful appearance in an organic way.  It is being created for all women and men of all ages… it is ageless!

Email us with your interest and we will give you specific information.  The Corona Virus has slowed the process down but we a progress safely and carefully. 



     There is no packaging required, advertising or overhead expenses to carry this product.  ALL PRODUCTS are packaged in TAMPER PROOF SEAL and the only investment is the wholesale.  Samples are available for a wholesale rate as well. The product will sell itself once it is sampled.   Each boutique we selected will be on a first come first serve basis.  There will only be one boutiques in a 50 mile radius that will be allowed to carry our products in their boutiques.
      Further, we offer product delivery protection insurance (see below).  You can now insure your orders and investment in the amount you choose and what works best for your or your company.  We value all of our DISTRIBUTORS and INDEPENDENT SALES AGENTS so we go the extra step in to insuring your success.
     Please CLICK HERE: and our office will forward you the necessary information.